Sade / Hunter

“My game I would liken to something similar to that of making gingerbread cookies. Its fun, brown and takes time. Yes you probably wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that I’m a unique flavor. I’m strong in the penultimate stages of the 7 hour seduction model. I think when I’m not wearing footwear they think that I’m thinking I’m trying to be a free spirit, that’s not true, I don’t try, I actually am. I don’t wish to appear like I’m not loving the PUA lifestyle, I am really am but it would be good to meet a target who can become the target of my affections.”

Cade / Hornet

“How does one summarise all the exceptional qualities and limitless skill that culminate in the perfect ‘game’? And in a single paragraph no doubt. Is it my ability to strike fear in the hearts and minds of every AMOG in the club? Or perhaps it’s natural ability to break down her last minute resistance with something I call “The Horny Effect?” I myself couldn’t simply describe to you what many have tried to emulate, only to have been met with shields. Believe me. if I could tape me and sell it to you, I would. Hold on…in that case, watch and learn…”



low dose amitriptyline and alcohol.