The Hunter n Hornet App Tour

The world-first comedy series made exclusively for iPhone viewing!
Two wannabe Pick-Up Artists, who eventually become Hunter n Hornet, lead lives devoid of women, but they are desperate to change that. Their plans constantly go awry, as they dedicate themselves to perfecting dating science… on each other.

“This is awesome & so unique, I’ve never seen viagra medicine on sale online. anything like it!”

App Features


    Watch videos on how to roll like Hunter n Hornet!


    Wanna know your romantic fate?! Let the PU Cube tell you!

  • ASK

    Ask Hunter n Hornet those questions you’ve never been able to ask your parents!


    Think youai??i??re creative? See what everybody else thinks! Take snaps for themed contests!


    Buy the merch to bring you from an AFC and deliver you to a PUA

  • CRIB

    The pimped up home function

Whatai??i??s an appisode?

It means weai??i??re hip, weai??i??re new and cool. Since its made specifically for app viewing, an appisode is a crossbreed between an episode and an application, Yep weai??i??re very much trying to make the name happen.

So where can I watch it?

On your viagra preise deutschland. Ipad, your IPhoneai??i?? and soon on Android as well. Youtube is also going to get a dose of HnH glory. More platforms on the radar.